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Welcome to Unicorn's Garden. Here you will find unusual handmade artisan jewelry.
If you have any questions or are looking for something that is no longer here feel free to e-mail me any time.

ANNOUNCEMENT 1/28/16: Orders are still being filled, however production times are longer than usual. In the spring of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervix cancer with a near by lymph node also being infected. After 3 months of chemo and radiation treatments the cervical cancer is all but gone. The cancer in my lymph node on the other hand has been more aggressive and is worse than when initially diagnosed and it has spread to a few adjacent lymph nodes. I am back in chemo treatments every three weeks for the next several months to eradicate the reaming cancer. I am still working to produce my beautiful pieces of art and am using my work to help my spirit through this difficult battle. All orders placed will be filled as quickly as possible but please understand that there are days that I just cannot work due to fatigue and other side effects of the chemo. I ask only for patience while I am filling your order.
Thank you.


Jewelry pieces are not just trinkets, they are meaningful works or art. The meanings created with jewelry like any work of art are very personal and never wrong. These meanings can be as simple as a memory of who gave us a certain piece or as deep as a spiritual connection to others and the world we live in. What ever the meanings and connections we have with a piece of jewelry are it enriches our lives and can revive our spirits.

With each new jewelry piece I create I keep these meaning in mind as I am working. I focus not only on the aesthetic design and physical construction of a piece but also on what the piece may mean to someone who falls in love with it. I consider the affect my energies and thoughts have on a piece of jewelry as I am creating it from concept to forming the metal and setting the gemstones. Because I see that there is a deeper meaning and connection to jewelry I spend a lot of my designing time researching not just how to best construct a design for durability but also what the stones, metals, and symbols used mean in different spiritual paths throughout history. Where ever possible I have included the relative source material for these studies at the bottom of the page.

This site is not intended to be a one stop place for information because if I were to spend the time needed for that I would never get any jewelry made and the creation of jewelry and the other pieces of interest you will find on my site is my passion and meditation. Honestly I sell the jewelry I create so I can afford to create more. My prices reflect what I feel is fair for the work and materials rather than what the jewelry industry deems is the correct price.

With the exception of findings (parts for making jewelry like bezel cups and jump rings) everything on this site is handcrafted, nothing here comes to me finished. Bezel cups get soldered to rings or jump rings to create rings or earrings, jump rings are hand linked together to create chain mail items, and sheet metal is hand cut and formed for pendants and bracelets. What makes this site different than a lot of other jewelry sites out there is that I use the time and patience I have to create jewelry pieces not just for sale but for the meaning behind them. While working on pendants like the totem animal line I focus on the totem animal being cut from the metal while the hand saw is removing and separating the metal creating the image that will be left. Be it a jewelry piece as involved as the Rampant Unicorn or Chain Mail Necktie or as simple as a pair of Cabochon Dangle Earrings I care about each jewelry piece I create and the positive impact it can have on the life of its future owner.

Please have a look around, I hope you will enjoy what you see and consider giving one of my pieces a good home.


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