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Chain Mail Bow Tie

Weather you are a Whovian or just think bow ties are cool, this twist on the classic bow tie design is sure to impress.

This bow tie design was created without the use of a wire frame, it is strictly chain mail. The rings are carefully linked in such a way to mimic the free standing bow of a cloth bow tie. Each bow tie is individually hand linked anodized aluminum rings. The bow is attached to a collar piece that hooks together around the back of the neck. This bow tie is light and comfortable to wear with or without a collared shirt.

Bow Size: 4.25" x 2.375
Neck Size: Made to size, Adjustable
Weight: approximately 2 oz

Colors: Chain Mail Neckties are available in Black, Royal Blue, Bright Silver, Purple, Green, Sky Blue, Black Ice, Lavender, Seafoam, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Gold, Frost, Bronze, and Champagne. Not all colors are stocked at all times, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

Chain Mail Bow Tie

Colors B-F
Colors G-Y
Neck Size


About this design:

After I created my Chain Mail Necktie design, requests started coming in for a Chain Mail Bow Tie. I began considering the idea of how to crate a bow tie out of chain mail rings. It wasn't until I found square wire chain mail links that the design started forming. The biggest issue I found in creating this design was how to make the chain mail bow stiff so it would hold the bow shape like a cloth bow tie does. Through out the designing of this bow tie I refused to use a wire frame for the bow part as that just seems like cheating. After much "playing" with the rings and through careful use of several ring sizes I was able to finally create a bow tie design that is purely chain mail and truly unique!

Measuring for your Chain Mail Bow Tie

Because these ties are made to specific neck sizes the measurement included with your order is very important. I do not have a "standard" length that I make my ties because neck sizes are different from one person to the next.

To measure the neck size you can use the neck size listed on your dress shirt. If you do not have a dress shirt you can use a sewing measuring tape or a piece of string without a lot of stretch to measure your neck size. Please send the smallest size you would like the neck to be. I add an extension chain to the size you provide to accommodate for different shirt thickness and so it can be worn tighter or looser depending upon your preference.


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Last updated 9/18/15