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History, Fairs, Information and Disclaimers

bout the artist Ash:

Art has always been a driving force in my life.

I have been creating jewelry for many years now. I started tinkering with the creation of jewelry pieces on my own around 1992 when I found out the high school I was attending canceled the jewelry class I wanted to take because of lack of interest. My early pieces at that time were made with the materials I could get my hands on. Those materials consisted of lead free silver pipe solder from the hardware store melted into molds cut into scrap wood with an Exacto knife. Some of the pieced I made at that time had stone or glass beads accents added to the molds before I melted the silver solder into the mold.

Lead free silver solder dragon with gree dragon tear. Made by melting the pipe solder wire into a hand cut wooden mold. Created about 1993.

Since those times of figuring everything out on my own as I went, I have received formal training in creating jewelry at Indiana University of South Bend and continue to study different techniques through reading material and listening to the materials I am working with at any given time. I find it amazing how much can be learned by studying how different metals or stones will act and react to different treatments if one is only willing to open themselves up and "listen" to what the metals and stones themselves have to say.

I started selling my jewelry in 2001 at Renaissance Fairs and on the web when I came to the realization that my passion for creating jewelry would have to support itself or I would end up with far more jewelry than I would ever wear and no money to buy things such as groceries.

The designs I create for the jewelry lines on my website are based in years of study of not just jewelry but also other forms of visual arts and life itself. My studies of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, philosophy, different forms of spirituality, and my BFA in Visual Communications all play a part in the jewelry I create. A prime example of this is the Totem Animal necklace line. When I create a new Totem Animal pendant, I study up on what that totem animal has historically represented as well as finding just the right pose to visually portray the animal in silhouette and what shape best suits that silhouette visually and structurally as a jewelry piece.

Although I am continuing to work on expanding the jewelry line I started creating in 2001, I am always open to custom work. I love working with people to bring the concepts they have in their minds to life. Often times a custom piece makes me think in new ways be it in concept or technique. The entire process from hearing the initial concept, through working with a person to get the design the way they want it, to the final conclusion of finishing the piece is exhilarating.

I cannot say that I have won any "prestigious awards" for my jewelry or that I have even entered any contests to win such awards. That sort of award honestly is not why I create jewelry. My awards come in the form of reactions or words from people who have fallen in love with a piece I have created that is just right for them.




Unicorn's Garden started in 2001 as a web and fair based business. In the beginning there was only a small line of jewelry, herbs, oils, candles, and original artwork. The name Unicorn's Garden came from Ash's chat room screen name blkunicorn, to represent the artist, and Garden from the offering of herbs and essential oils. After a few years the supplier company, Earth Wyz Products, ran into some issues with over seas suppliers and closed their doors rather than sacrifice the quality of their products. The candles and original artwork were discontinued shortly after as they were not doing as well as the jewelry.
By discontinuing the other products Unicorn's Garden has an ever expanding jewelry line with new pieces added to the website as they are created. Each piece is hand made by the artist Ash. The jewelry offered on this site is mostly fabricated from sheet metal, wire, and components. Each piece is worked on individually with attention to detail.
Custom orders are always welcome. Involvement and input from a customer is strongly encouraged to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also what the customer truly wants.



Fairs Unicorn's Garden had been at:

Mayfaire Last two weekends of May including Memorial Day 2004-2010 . Marshall MI.

Silverleaf Renaissance Fair at the Calhoun County Fair Grounds in Michigan where we have been merchants from 2001-2007. Silverleaf runs throughout July and the first weekend of August.

The World of Faeries Festival First weekend of August 2006 Elgin, IL.

Fishers Renaissance Faire October 6th & 7th, 2007. Located at Conner Prairie in Fishers, IN.



Information and disclaimers

All background images, jewelry photos, artwork, and site design presented on this site were created by and are the creative property of Ash Dunn unless otherwise noted. The staff photos on the Sage Staffs pages were taken by Ash or Chris and are the respective creative property of that individual.

All photos of single stones were taken from the source catalog of the company where the stones are purchased and those photos remain the property of the source company with any copyrights that respective company holds. The photos may have been cropped to suit the needs of this site to display the stone choices for each jewelry design.


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