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How to Place a Custom Order

Ordering a custom piece by Ash is an easy yet in-depth process.

Have an idea of what you want:
 The first step is to get a general idea of what you want. Even if the concept is as simple as a pendant with a stone that is a start.
  I will not copy an existing piece by another artist exactly but we can use an existing piece as a starting point. The reason I will not copy an existing piece exactly is because that is not fair to the original artist and would be plagiarism.
  If you have seen a piece in my portfolio section that you would like please contact me. So long as it is not a piece that was made as a one of a kind I will reproduce them.

Contact Ash with your concept for review:
  The next step is to e-mail Ash using our contact form with your concept.
  Once I receive your concept I will look it over and come up with ideas for making it work. If your concept is something that I cannot do I will tell you straight out and offer alternatives or if I know someone who can do it I will get you in contact with them.

Refining Your Concept:
  To refine your concept and make sure I understand exactly what you are looking for I will send you some questions to answer. For example if you state that you want a ring with a stone in it I would ask what kind of stone and if you would want a natural or synthetic stone. Any question I send you that isn't self explanatory will include an explanation of what the terms mean and any possible pros and cons.
  Once I have a clear idea of what you are looking for I will send you drawings or scanned images for approval or alteration to make sure that we are thinking along the same lines and that you will be getting something you like. For most pieces I generally come up with 3 semi refined images for you to choose from. Changes in the design can be made until I have started actually working on the physical piece.

Pricing and Payment:
  As always I try to keep my pricing reasonable. I charge according to the amount of time it will take to do a piece as well as the materials involved. Along with the sketches I will send a price quote. If changes in the design are made by you after the quote has been given the price may change accordingly.
  Payment for your custom order can be made several ways. I accept check, money order, PayPal, and credit cards through PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to send a credit card payment). Generally I will need three fourths down before I start working on the piece and the remainder before shipping. If payment requirements differ I will inform you when I send the quote.


Lastly I will be open and honest with you through the whole process of creating a custom piece for you and I ask that you be the same way with me to make the creation of special jewelry enjoyable for us both. And remember I enjoy challenges so if you don't see the type of thing you are looking for in my normal lines or in my portfolio still let me know what you are looking for. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Ash Dunn


Last updated 11/26/11