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The Pierced Pendant Process

This is a photo essay of how I make all of my pierced pendants including totem animals and Ogham pendnats. Some of the processes changed slightly after I created this photo essay and those are marked with "Update" in the discriptions under the photos.

The process begins with a piece of sheet metal. The metal for this photo essay is Red Brass. Shown here the brass has already been cut to a manageable size of 6" x 2"

The Patterns that have been created for the necklaces are adheared to the metal and holes are drilled. These holes are to allow the saw blade to pass through the metal for cutting. Holes are also drilled for the necklace cord to pass through.

Once the holes are drilled the designs are cut from the sheet in preperation for the fine detal cutting ahead.

The individual patterns are cut by hand using a coping saw with a very fine jewelry blade.

Once the inside of the pendant is cut, the remaing excess metal is cut from the pendant and saved for future use such as foging or casting.

The paper pattern is removed from the cut pendant along with any excess adhesive in preperation for filing and sanding.

Ogham: This is where the brushed texture is applied.

The edges of the pendant inside and outside are filed by hand. Then the edges and surface of the pendant is hand sanded to remove file marks and scratches.

After filing the piece is polished with a white diamond compound to remove the marks left from the sanding process.

After the white diamond plishing, the piece goes through a second polishing process with a red rouge compound to bring it to a mirror finish.

Brass, Nickel, and Copper pieces are then sealed with a wax mix to slow down the oxidation process.

Update: Instead of a wax mixture I now use straight white bees wax to seal each base metal pendant.

After the piece has absorbed some of the wax mix the excess wax is removed with a soft cloth.

Finally a leather cord is added and tied to be adjustable to finish off the necklace.

Ogham & Small: A cotton cord is used instead of leather because the weight of these pendnats hang better on the lighter cotton cord.

Last updated 11/26/11