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Black & Red Stacked Scale Necklace
Black & Red
 Enlarged & Size Image

Gold Stacked Scale Necklace

Orange & Black Stacked Scale Necklace
Orange & Black

Stacked Scale Necklace

The scales in these necklaces move and sway with the movements of the person wearing them. They are very light and comfortable to wear all day as they are made of aluminum.

Each Stacked Scale Necklace is hand linked from anodized aluminum scales and rings. The scales hang from an adjustable cotton cord. I make these necklaces in solid colors as well as mixed colors.

Scale Color Choices
Scale Color Choices

Scales & Rings:   Anodized Aluminum
Cord:   Adjustable Cotton
Total Scale Length:   1.8"

Select your color choice/s below and click the add to cart button below your selection to order. Please type in the bottom color you would like. Shopping cart limitations prevent a 5th drop down menu.


Top Color
2nd Color
3rd Color
4th Color
Bottom Color

Prices subject to change without notice

This necklace design goes great with a Stacked Scale Dangle Earrings . For a larger scale necklace please see the single color Dragon Scale Necklaces or multiple color Dragon Scale Necklaces.

Each necklace is individually handcrafted, please allow for variation in individual pieces.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending upon stock of scale color choices.


Fire Stacked Scale Necklace (Gold, Orange, & Red) Enlarged
Fire Stacked Scale Necklace (Gold, Orange, & Red)
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Blue & Green Stacked Scale Necklace size
Blue & Green Stacked Scale Necklace
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Last updated 5/14/13