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Ternion Gemstone Crescent Bar Necklace - pyrite and garnet
Pyrite & Garnet
 Enlarged & Size Image

Ternion Gemstone Crescent Bar Necklace - pyrite and garnet
Pyrite & Garnet

Ternion Gemstone Crescent Bar Necklace

This elegant necklace features a set of three (ternion) cabochon gemstones. The deep red Garnet hangs beneath a set of Pyrites. The combination of these stone in a single necklace is not only visually stunning but has strong energy properties.
Garnet is said to assure the wearer of love and faithfulness. It is also said to protect the wearer from evil and from terrifying dreams. It is considered a stone of business success and gives an air of success and confidence to its wearer as well as increasing self esteem.
Pyrite is a mix of both earth and fire energies. It is said to help one communicate more openly and honestly while providing both physical and emotional protection. It is considered a strong grounding stone that deflects and disperses negative energy which aids in clear thinking. It is also said to help transform intuitive and creative thought into logical and well-reasoned action.

Stone Sizes:   8mm x 10mm
Stone Choices:   The dropdown menue below has several choices with the 2 stones listed first and 1 stone listed second. I am also open to customizing with your stone choices. Please contact me if you would like something off list. Thank you.
Necklace Length:   18"

Stone Choices

Prices subject to change without notice

Stone Choices for this necklace design.
If you would like stones that are not on the drop down menue above please contact me with your request
and I will reply with a quote.

Black Lace Agate
Nephrite Jade
Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Moonstone
White Moonstone

Limited supply
Black Onyx
Opal Triplet
Gold Tiger's Eye
Red Tiger's Eye

Limited supply

Ternion Gemstone Crescent Bar Necklace - pyrite and garnet - enlarged view
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Ternion Gemstone Crescent Bar Necklace - pyrite and garnet - size comparison
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Last updated 11/26/11