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Dark Purple Chain Mail Neck Tie

Chain Mail Necktie

Perfect for the Corporate Raider

Sure to get attention, the chain mail necktie is hand assembled from lightweight anodized aluminum in your choice of color. Each chain mail necktie is hand linked with the European 4 into 1 chain mail pattern. The chain mail necktie features a faux windsor knot that never needs tying as the tie hooks behind the neck. You have your choice of a single solid color or a diagonal striped tie of two colors.

Weight: approximately 4.25 oz (about the same as a cloth tie)

Colors: Chain Mail Neckties are available in black, black ice, dark blue, bright aluminum, bronze, gold, green, orange, dark purple, pink, red, turquoise, violet, yellow, and . Not all colors are stocked at all times, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Choose Colors and Order below

Gold Chain Mail Neck Tie

Solid Color: $45.00
Measuring for your tie

Colors B-G
Colors P-L
Tie Length (top of knot down)
Neck Size

Black Ice and Dark Purple Diagonal Striped Chain Mail Neck Tie

Diagonal Striped: $50.00
Measuring for your tie

Primary Color: B-O
Primary Color: P-L
Secondary Color: B-O
Secondary Color: P-L
Tie Length (top of knot down)
Neck Size

Outlined: $50.00
Measuring for your tie
Primary Color: B-O
Primary Color: P-L
Secondary Color: B-O
Secondary Color: P-L
Tie Length (top of knot down)
Neck Size

 Rainbow: $60.00
Measuring for your tie
Tie Length (top of knot down)
Neck Size
Colors on knot vary from tie to tie. Please allow for this variation as well as where the colors land length wise on each tie. Thank you.

About this design:

The beginnings of the design for the chain mail necktie was actually a joke. My husband was professing his hatred for neckties one night while I was working on a chain mail shirt for him to wear during his live steel combat shows. I held up the chain mail shirt and stated "I could make you a chain mail necktie." Right after those words came out of my mouth I realized it was actually a good idea. From there I got some links and began linking a chain mail necktie using one of his pre-tied velcro ties as a pattern. Once the prototype (or prototie as my husband likes to call it) was finished and others had tried on the chain mail necktie I worked out some small adjustments to the design to make them easier to put on and take off. And that is how the design for the hand linked chain mail necktie was created.

Chain Mail Neck Ties

Measuring for your Chain Mail Necktie

Because these ties are made to specific lengths the measurement included with your order is very important. I do not have a "standard" length that I make my ties because torso lengths are different from one person to the next.

Traditionally the end of a tie should always hit somewhere between the top and bottom of your belt. Wearing a tie a little long tends to look better than wearing one that is too short as a short tie gives the impression of having a gut whether you have one or not.

To measure the length for your tie it is not necessary to have a tie on hand. Using a tape measure or a piece of sring without a lot of stretch you can measure the distance from where the top of the knot should sit (top of the collar) down to where the tip of the tie should fall on your belt or waist band. Please note the waist band is not shown in the picture to the left.

To measure the neck size you can use the neck size listed on your dress shirt. If you do not have a dress shirt you can use a sewing measuring tape or a piece of string without a lot of stretch to measure your neck size. Please send the smallest size you would like the neck to be. I add an extension chain to the size you provide to accommodate for different shirt thickness and so it can be worn tighter or looser depending upon your preference.

Chain Mail Neck Tie hook clasp at the back of the neck
 Hook clasp at the back of the neck.

Yellow Chain Mail Neck Tie Turquoise Chain Mail Neck Tie

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Last updated 9/18/15