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Elder - Droman Ogham Necklace
Red Brass
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Elder - Droman

Ogham Necklace

Droman is Gaelic for elder or dwarf.
For these pendants I first translated Elder into Gaelic and then translated it into the ancient Ogham alphabet. These pendants are entirely hand cut (pierced pierced through the metal) with a small coping saw and filed and sanded by hand. The front of these pendants are polished to a high shine and the backs have a brushed texture so even if you cannot read Ogham or Gaelic you will always know which is the front. The base metal pendants are sealed with bees wax after polishing and will gain a natural patina over time unique to its wearer. The pendants hang from an adjustable black cotton cord that can be replaced with a jump ring upon request. This necklace comes with an information sheet about the Ogham alphabet and what the pendant says.

Size:   1.448" x 0.52"
Metal Choices:  

Sterling Silver, Red Brass, Nickel, Copper, or Stainless Steel

Individual pricing for metal choices is in the drop down menu below.*

Front Finish:   Smooth Polish or Hammered Texture
Cotton Cord Length:   Adjustable from 14" up to 29"

Metal Choices
Front Finish

Metal Details
Sterling Silver: .925 silver
Red Brass: 85% copper, 15% zinc
Copper: 99.9% copper
Nickel: 65% copper, 18% nickel, 17% zinc
Stainless Steel: Chrome 15.5%-17.5%, Nickel 3%-5%, Carbon 0.07% MAX, Manganese 1% MAX, Silicon 1% MAX, Copper 3%-5%

The Ogham Alphabet:
Sometimes referred to as the "Celtic Tree Alphabet", Ogham was used between the 4th and 7th centuries AD in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. The initial alphabet consisted of 20 characters with a few more complex characters being added later. The letters were formed by combinations of short lines on and at either side of a middle line called a "flesc". With a vertical flesc words are read from bottom to top.
Although surviving traces of Ogham were inscribed on stone it was probably more commonly inscribed on sticks, stakes, and trees to mark boundaries. There is also evidence from early Irish sagas and legends that indicates Ogham was used for short inscriptions on wood or metal used to relay messages (some cryptic in nature or for magical purposes) or to denote ownership of the object. There is also evidence that suggests that Ogham may have been used to keep genealogy records, numerical tallies of property, and business transactions.
Of the 400-500 remaining inscriptions a handful have been found featuring Ogham along with the Latin alphabet, most of the inscriptions are in an archaic form of Gaelic and Pictish.

Each Droman pendant is individually hand cut, please allow for variation in individual pieces.

After being cut and polished the base metal pendants are coated in bees wax to protect their finish. As they age they will gain a natural patina that is individual to the piece and how it is worn.

Cleaning: Pendants can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth. If needed the leather cord can be removed and the pendants washed with a mild non-abrasive soap and water.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending upon availability of this design.


Enlarged view of Elder - Droman Ogham Necklace
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Size of Elder - Droman Ogham Necklace
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Last updated 11/30/15