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From the simple to the elabrate, Sage Staffs are meticulously handcrafted using different woods and materials to draw out the natural beauty and streangth of each piece.

Look through the samples to get an idea of what you would like for your custom made staff. Custom orders can be placed by e-mailing your request to [email protected]

Aszure's Staff  

Aszure's staff is handcrafted of oak. Natural wood rot that was beneath the bark (which took about 9 hours to sand strip) gives it its dark color. At the top on the front is inset a silver crescent moon with waves. On the right side almost halfway down is inset a blue glass crescent moon. In the lower half of the staff are set 3 small dragontears.

Silver Moon Detail      Purple Moon      Lower Stones

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Aszure's Staff  

Bronwyn's staff is handcrafted of oak with a spiral burn running its length. Set in the top portion is a red large dragon tear. There are runes burned in the staff, a silver and gold carved triple moon, and a red leather hand grip.

Top1      Top2      Triple Moon

Rune1      Rune 2      Rune 3

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Light & Dark Fairy Wands  

The wands of the light and dark fairy were made from opposite ends of the same piece of oak. The Light Fairy Wand has a carved unicorn's spiral and spiral painted handle in red, black and metallic silver. The Dark Fairy Wand has a carved, painted top in red, black and metallic silver; a carved spider's web in its middle and a spiral carved handle with accenting metallic silver.

Light Fairy Wand Top     Light Fairy Wand Handle     Dark Fairy Wand Top     Dark Fairy Wand Spider Web     Dark Fairy Wand Handle

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Patriot Staff  

Apr. Height: 5' 7-1/4" (67-1/4")
Apr. Diameter: 1-3/4"
Apr. Weight: 2 lbs 14-1/4 oz

The Patriot staff was carved from sassafras. The details of the staff from the top down are a vine wrapping the top, an eagle's head and wings wrapping around the staff, the eagle's claws on the back of the staff holding a yellow marble, a green marble set on the front beneath the wings, a spiral hand grip, and carved spiral rings towards the bottom.

Top Front   Top Left Side   Top Back   Top Right Side   Middle Front   Bottom Front   Bottom Back

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Pirate Staff  

This handcrafted oak walking stick is approximately 52 inches tall (4 foot 4 inches) It is topped with a skull, has a carved hand hold below the skull, and a braided rope spiraling down. The spiral of rope is slightly inset at the top.

Top Front      Top Right      Skull      Rope Top      Rope

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Wizard Staff  

This oak staff is approximately 74.5 in tall (6 foot 2.25 in) It has spiral and ring carvings, darkening, and a glass ball at the top. Its approximate weight is one pound. There is also a carved hand grip and is burned with a makers mark.

Top with crystal ball      Top with crystal ball      Top with crystal ball

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Wolf's Staff  

Wolf's staff is made of maple with a spiral burn running its length. Set in the top portion is a purple dyed agate to represent the eye of Odin. Carved in it are various symbols including runes, a Thor's hammer and 'Wolf' written in the Ogham alphabet.

Top Detail      Top Detail      Top Rune Detail

Top alphebet detail      Hammer Detail      Bottom Rune Detail


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