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Pegasus Necklace - Copper
 Enlarged & Size Image

Pegasus Necklace - Copper

Pegasus Necklace

The Pegasus Totem.

Pegasus is the famed winged horse of Greek myth. The winged steed was born from the slaying of Medusa and often said to be fathered by sea god Poseidon. Pegasus is often associated with the nine Greek muses who are the sources of inspiration for the Greek world. Through the association with the muses Pegasus is a totem of inspiration and quick agile wisdom. Though Pegasus lends the ability to fly over any situation and is an aid and protector in astral travel he also teaches humility and boundaries. When the Corinthian hero Bellerophon became arrogant and tried to fly to Mount Olympus, Pegasus threw him at the behest of Zeuse to keep Bellerophon from reaching Mount Olympus. After this Pegasus became the carrier of Zeus' thunderbolts.

Size:   1.75" in diameter
Metal Choices:  

Sterling Silver, Red Brass, Nickel, or Copper

Individual pricing for metal choices is in the drop down menu below.*

Leather Cord Length:   30" Adjustable

Metal Choices

*Pricing may change without notice baised on the metals market price.

Metal Details
Sterling Silver: .925 silver
Red Brass: 85% copper, 15% zinc
Copper: 99.9% copper
Nickel: 65% copper, 18% nickel, 17% zinc

Each Pegasus pendant is individually hand cut, please allow for variation in individual pieces.

After being cut and polished the copper, nickel, and brass pendants are coated in bees wax to protect their finish. As they age they will gain a natural patina that is individual to the piece and how it is worn.

Cleaning: Pendants can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth. If needed the leather cord can be removed and the pendants washed with a mild non-abrasive soap and water.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending upon availability of this design.


Pegasus Necklace Enlarged
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Pegasus Necklace - Size
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Last updated 4/27/12